Hearing and Balance Open Day August 2013

with Special Guest Speaker The Honourable John Howard


Bruce Kelsey


Nigel Biggs


Patrice Johnson


David Ryugo


Sarah Platt-Hepworth & Jennifer Chu


Hearing and the Brain:  Making Sense of Sound, Hearing Loss and Brain Plasticity. 2011.

Prof David Ryugo, Curran Foundation Chair of Neuroscience, Garvan Institute of Medical Research.



Slides for Hearing and the Brain




Otoschlerosis and Surgical Solutions to Hearing Loss - 2011. 

Dr Nigel Biggs, Otolaryngologist, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney


Hearing Aids - An Update 2011

Bruce Kelsey, Audiologist, Hearing & Balance, Double Bay, Sydney.




Hearing aids: Evaluating the need for & using them successfully -2010


Cochlear Implants: Karen Baker (personal experience) - 2010


Hearing Implant: Carrie Little (personal experience) - 2010


Kathee DeLapp, Dizziness and Balance - 2010


The Sound of Tinnitus , or 'ringing ears' Part One - 2010


The Sound of Tinnitus , or 'ringing ears' Part Two - 2010