Cochlear Implants

At the Hearing & Balance Centre we currently use the Cochlear Freedom cochlear implant.  These implants are manufactured and produced by the Australian Company Cochlear Ltd.

A full range of present and past (if available from Cochlear) Speech Processors can be fitted and programmed.  New implant patients are currently being fitted with the Nucleus 5 Speech Processor.  For some patients it is also possible to upgrade their existing speech processor (for example the Freedom Speech Processor or 3G Esprit model) to the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor.


The Nucleus 5 is 36% smaller than the Freedom Speech Processor.  Its slimmer design has made the processor more comfortable and the addition of the remote assistant has made it more flexible and easier to manipulate.  For more information see our April 2010 newsletter.

We also stock a large range of accessories and parts for most speech processors - Online Shop.  If we do not have what you are looking for in stock we are certainly happy to place a special order.  Most parts and accessories can be obtained within 48 hours.

To find out more about the Cochlear Implant program at the Hearing & Balance Centre click on the following link.

Cochlear Implant Program



Cochlear Voluntary Recall of Nuclues CI500 Implants

For up to date information please go to or contact the Hearing & Balance Centre on 1300134327