Hearing Loss Advice

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Written by qualified audiologists, this White Paper provides advice to people who might be experiencing hearing loss on what they need to know to improve their hearing for good.

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You don’t have to suffer in silence.

One in six Australians suffers hearing loss. It affects work, education, relationships and communication, as well as the fullness and vitality with which people live their everyday lives.

Yet 85% of people with hearing loss do not have hearing devices which could improve their hearing.

The Hearing & Balance Centre helps diagnose hearing problems early and advise you on how to use the latest hearing aids to improve your quality of life.

Hearing Tests

If you suspect hearing loss a hearing test can help identify the problem before it becomes a larger burden on your life…

Hearing Aids

Our experienced audiologists can help you find a device that’s right for your particular hearing problem and lifestyle needs…and also help you by fitting it.

Hearing Accessories

Keeping your hearing aid in tip-top condition extends its life and maintains performance – see our batteries, cleaning and maintenance products and more …

I’ve been a client of the hearing and balance centre for about ten years now. I’ve found them extremely helpful and very patient with me. Hearing loss is not easy to deal with sometimes but they have been very understanding of my needs and very willing to help me try different types of hearing aids until I found one which suited me.

Jacqueline DeDiana

About Hearing and Balance

Since 1994, our team of qualified audiologists has been advising people on how to use the latest hearing aids or cochlear implants to improve their hearing and communication – and thereby improve their lives.

From our three centres in Sydney, we handle all aspects of hearing and balance care – from initial hearing screening, testing and diagnosis to fitting a device, providing maintenance advice and helping to manage your condition. On this site you will find many resources to help you understand hearing loss better and ways in which you can manage it.

To find out more about what can be done to improve your hearing speak to one of our friendly team members on 1300 134 327.

Better quality of life may only be a hearing test away!